5. CP - King in the North

The Stewards (Agenda) -1x
The North.
You may run any number of The North agendas. You need 2 additional power to win the game.
Night's Watch characters you control gain an INT icon.

The Songs of Bael the Bard (Plot) - 1x
When revealed, choose 1 non-N character. That character gains 1 Trait of your choice until you reveal a new plot card.

Osha (Character - Stark) -1x
Cost 2, STR 2 (M) ( I )
Challenges: Stand Osha to remove her from the current challenge.

Deep Freeze (Attachment - Stark) - 3x
Cost 1
Attach to a player's House card.
The controller of attached House card needs 2 additional power to win the game. (3 additional power instead if it is Winter.)

Treacherous Watchman (Character - Lannister) - 1x
Cost 1, STR 1 (M) ( P )
Ally. Traitor.
After you play Treacherous Watchman from your hand, choose and discard 1 House Lannister character from play.

Golden Tooth Vaults (Location - Lannister) - 3x
Cost 1
Any Phase: Kneel Golden Tooth Vaults and discard up to 2 cards from your hand to take an equal amount of gold from the treasury and add it to your gold pool.

♦ Stannis Baratheon (Character - Baratheon) - 1x
Cost 4, STR 3 (M) ( P ), Noble
Lord. King.
Night's Watch characters you control get +1 STR.

R'hllor's Blessing (Attachment - Baratheon) - 3x
Cost 1,
Boon. Condition.
After you play R'hllor's Blessing, draw 1 card.
Attached character gets +2 STR.

Raiding Fleet (Character - Greyjoy) - 1x
Cost 8, STR 8 (M) (P), War
Army. Ironborn. No attachments.
Response: After you play Raiding Fleet from your hand, discard the top 8 cards of each opponent's deck.

Return of the Kraken (Event) -3x
Response: Save 1 HG location from being discarded from play. Then, if that location is unique, attach Return of the Kraken to it as a duplicate.

♦ White Hatchling (Character - Targaryen) -1x
Cost 1, STR 1 (M),
Creature. Dragon.
Stealth. No attachments.
Discard White Hatchling from play any time you control Viserion.
White Hatchling gains a P icon during P challenges initiated against you.

True Power (Event) - 1x
House Targaryen only
Response: If an opponent would win a P challenge against you, cancel the determination of challenge winner. You automatically win the challenge.

Formal Escort (Character - Martell) - 3x
Cost 3, STR 3 (M) ( P )
Army. No attachments.
Noble characters you control are immune to opponent's events.

Serve. Obey. Protect. (Event) - 1x
House Martell only
Any Phase: Kneel 3 influence to choose 3 characters. Until the end of the phase, one of those characters gains a M icon, the second gains an I icon, and the third gains a P icon.

Defenders of the North (Character - Neutral) - 3x
Cost 7, STR 8 (no icon), War
Night's Watch. Army. Deadly. No attachments except Weapon.
Reduce the cost to play Defenders of the North by 1 for each The North agenda you are running.

Steward of the Watch (Character - Neutral) - 3x
Cost 2, STR 2 (no icon)
Night's Watch. No attachments.
Response: After you play Steward of the Watch from your hand, each opponent must choose and discard 1 card from his or her hand.

The Feast of the Crows (Event) - 3x
Any Phase: Kneel 3 influence to choose 3 Night's Watch characters. Until the end of the phase, one of those characters gains stealth, the second gains deadly, and the third gains renown.

♦ Varamyr Sixskins (Character - Neutral) - 1x
Cost 2, STR 2 (M) ( P )
Wildling. Skinchanger.
Any Phase: Put 1 Creature character into play from your hand to return Varamyr Sixskins to your hand. At the end of the phase, if that Creature is still in play, discard it from play (cannot be saved).

Rattleshirt's Raiders (Character - Neutral) - 3x
Cost 3, STR 4 (M) ( P )
Wildling. Army.
Discard Rattleshirt's Raiders from play at the end of any challenge phase in which they did not attack.

Climbing Spikes (Attachment - Neutral) - 3x
Attach to a location.
If you control at least 1 Wildling character, treat attached location as if its printed text box were blank.
If you control at least 2 Wildling characters, Climbing Spikes is immune to opponents' triggered effects.