6. CP - Return of the Others

♦ Blood of the First Men (Agenda) -1x
The North.
You may run any number of The North agendas. You need 2 additional power to win the game.
Reduce the cost of the first Wildling character you play from your hand each round by 2.

The Minstrel's Muse (Plot) -1x
House Stark only.
If you win dominance this round, claim 3 additional power for your House.

♦ Coldhands (Character - Neutral) -1x
Cost 4, STR 4 (no icon)
The North.
Coldhands cannot be killed.
Coldhands gains the benefit of any The North agenda being run (as if he had the Night's Watch and Wildling traits).
Coldhands must participate in the first challenge initiated for which he is eligible each round.

Reed's Crannogmen (Character - Stark) - 3x
Cost 4, STR 3 (M) ( P )
Stealth.No attachments.
Response: After Reed's Crannogmen leaves play, choose 1 character. Stand or kneel that character.

Lannisport Councilor (Character - Lannister) - 3x
Cost 1, STR 1 ( P )

The Price of Nobility (Attachment - Lannister) - 3x
Cost 0,
Attach to a N character you control.
Response: After attached character leaves play, take 3 gold from the treasury and add it to your gold pool.

♦ Melisandre (Character - Baratheon) - 1x
Cost 4, STR 3 ( I ) ( P ), Holy
Lady. Asshai.
Claim 1 additional power when you win dominance, and when you win an unopposed INT or POW challenge.

For R'hllor (Event) - 3x
House Baratheon only.
Response: After an opponent draws 1 or more cards through a card effect, kneel 3 influence or kneel 1 Holy character to have each player choose and discard cards from his or her hand until only 4 cards remain in each player's hand.

♦ Tarle the Thrice-Drowned (Character - Greyjoy) - 1x
Cost 4, STR 3 ( I ) ( P ) Holy
If Tarle the Thrice-Drowned has 3 power on him, discard him from play.
Response: Save Tarle the Thrice-Drowned from being killed. Then, he claims 1 power.

Kingsmoot Support (Event) -3x
House Greyjoy only.
Any Phase: Kneel 3 influence to choose 3 characters. Until the end of the phase, one of those characters gets +1 STR, the second gets +2 STR, and the third gets +3 STR.

♦ Balerion the Black (Character - Targaryen) -1x
Cost 10, STR 10 (M) ( P )
Creature. Dragon.
Renown. Deadly. No attachments.
Response: After you play Balerion the Black from your hand, kneel all non-Dragon characters and locations.

Hrakkar Pelt (Attachment - Targaryen) -3x
Attach to a character you control. After you play Hrakkar Pelt from your hand, draw a card.
At the end of the challenge phase, stand attached character.

Starfall Healer (Character - Martell) - 3x
Cost 2, STR 2 ( P )
Maester. House Dayne.
Response: Kneel Starfall Healer and discard 1 gold token from a House Dayne character to save that character from being killed.

Burning on the Sand (Event) - 3x
House Martell only.
Response: If an opponent would win a challenge against you, cancel the determination of the challenge winner. No one wins the challenge.

♦ Old Bear Mormont (Character - Neutral) -1x
Cost 5, STR 4 ( P )
Night's Watch. No attachments except Weapon.
Response: Kill Old Bear Mormont (cannot be saved) to cancel the "when revealed" effects of a plot card that has just been played.

♦ The Wall (Location - Neutral) - 1x
Cost 4, The North.
Challenges: Put 1 Night's Watch character into play from your hand, knelt as a defender, during any challenge declared against you. (Limit once per challenge.) Return that character to your hand at the end of the phase if it is still in play.

Lost Ranger (Character - Neutral) -3x
Cost 1, STR 3 (no icon)
Night's Watch.
At the end of the dominance phase, discard the top card of any deck. If that card does not have either a Night's Watch or The North trait, discard Lost Ranger from play.

♦ Mance Rayder (Character - Neutral) -1x
Cost 3, STR 3 (M) ( I ) ( P )
Wildling. King.
Any Phase: Kneel Mance Rayder to choose 1 The North agenda or location. Until the end of the phase, treat that card as if its printed text box were blank.

♦ Val (Character - Neutral) -1x
Cost 2, STR 1 ( I ) ( P )
Any Phase: Reveal and draw the top card of your deck. Play that card as your next response or action, if able. Otherwise, discard it.

Nightmares in the North (Event - Neutral) - 3x
Dominance: Each player must discard the top X cards of his or her deck, where X is the number of characters in his or her dead pile. Then, the player who discarded the fewest cards draws a card.