4. CP - The Wildling Horde

*The Last Giant -- Agenda x1
The North
You may run any number of The North agendas. You need 2 additional power to win the game. Wildling charactrer you control get +1 STR.

*Ghost -- House Stark -- Character x1
3 Gold, 3 STR MIL
Creature, Direwolf
No Attachments. Stealth.
Any Phase: Return Ghost to his owner's hand.

Borderland Keep -- House Stark -- Location x3
1 Gold, Westeros, The North
House Stark Only.
Response: Discard Borderland Keep from play (cannot be saved) to cancel 1 effect triggered during a MIL challenge

*Ser Balon Swann -- Lannister -- Character x1
3 gold, 3 Str, MIL, INT
Knight, Kingsguard
No Attachments except Weapon. You may declare Ser Balon Swann as the defender of an INT challenge against you even if he is already kneeling.

Wildling Wisewoman -- Neutral -- Character x3
Reponse: Kneel Wildling Wisewoman to cancel 1 card effect that wuld allow an opponent to draw 1 or more cards.

Frostfang Peaks -- Neutral -- Location x3
1 gold
The North
Response: After you reveal a plot card, discard the top card of each opponent's deck (Discard the top 2 instead if it is Winter).

Misinformation -- Event x3
House Lannister Only
Response: If an opponent would win an INT challenge against you, cancel the determination of challenge winner. You automatically win the challenge.

Acolyte of the Flame -- Baratheon -- Character x3
2 Gold 2 Str INT POW HOLY
Asshai, Ally
Acolyte of the Flame gets +1 STR while it is standing.

*Eastwatch by the Sea -- Baratheon -- Location x1
1 Gold
The North
Response: After an opponent reveals a plot card, move 1 power from a character in play to its controllers House card.

Mercenaries From Pyke -- Greyjoy -- Character x3
2 gold 4 STR MIL POW
Ironbonr, Mercenary
Stealth At the beginning of the dominance phase, pay 2 gold or discard Mercenaries from Pyke from play

Pulled Under -- Greyjoy -- Attachment x1
3 gold, condition
At the end of the dominance phase, return Pulled Under and attached character to the bottom of their owners' decks.

*Green Hatchling -- Targ -- Character x1
1 gold 2 STR MIL
Creatue, Dragon
No attachments. Discard Green Hatchling from play any time you control Rhaegal. Green Hatchling gains an INT icon during INT challenges initiated against you.

The Dragon's Fire -- Event -- x1
House Targaryen Only
Challenges: Choose 1 dragon character. Until the end of the phase, that character gains "while this character is attacking, defending characters get -1 STR and are killed if their STR=0."

Starfall Advisor -- Martell -- Character x3
3 Gold 2 STR INT POW
House Dayne
Starfall ADvisor comes into play with 2 gold tokens from the treasury on him. Response: Discard 1 gold token from Starfall Advisor to cancel 1 event card or character ability that chooses a House Dayne character as a target.

Scorpions Underfoot -- Event x3
House Martell Only
Any Phase: Kneel 3 influence to choose 3 characters. Until the end f the phase, one of those characters loses a MIL icon, the second loses an INT icon, and the third loses a POW icon.

*Dolorous Edd -- Neutral -- Character x1
3 gold 1 STR no icons LEARNED
Night's Watch
No Attachments.
Increase your draw cap by 1 for each The North agenda you are running.

Recruiter for the Watch -- Neutral -- Character x3
2 gold 1 STR no icon
Night's Watch, Ally
No Attachments. Any Phase: Kneel Recruiter for the Watch to choose a character. Until the end of the phase, that character gains the Night's Watch trait.

*The Shadow Tower -- Neutral -- Location x1
The North
Challenges: Kneel The Shadow Tower to add 2 to your total STR during any challenge in which you control at least 1 participating Night's Watch character.

The Wildling Horde -- Neutral -- Character x3
Wildling, Army
No Attachments. Deadly.
Reduce the cost to play The WIldling Horde by 1 for each The North Agenda you are running.

Valar Dohaeris -- Plot x1
At the end of the Dominance Phase, discard all standing characters from play (cannot be saved).

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