3. CP - A Sword in the Darkness

Zatím máme pouze nepřesný Špaňalský překlad:

The Builders (Agenda) - 1x
The North. You can play any number of The North Agenda. You need 2 additional powers to win. Night's Watch gains Power icon.

*Longclaw (Neutral-Attachment) - 1x
Attachement. Weapon. Cost 1
Attached character gains renown. If it is Jon Snow, he receives +2 STR. After attached character leaves play, you may attach longclaw to a NW character instead of placing it in discard pile

*Jon Snow (Stark) - 1x
Night's Watch. Wildlings. Cost 3 - STR 3 MIL POW
Any Phase: Kneel a Night'sWatch or Wildling to choose another char NW or Wildling. Till the end of the phase that char receive WAR crest.

Greedy Councilor (Lannister)
Ally. Cost 3 - STR 3 INT POW
Any Phase: Pay 2 gold to put in play Greedy Councilor from discard pile.

Salladhors Crew (Baratheon)
Mercenary. Cost 4 - STR 3 MIL INT
Response: After you play Salladhors Crew from your hand, reduce the cost of the next Baratheon card you play this phase by 3.

Stalwart Shield (Targaryen) - 1x
Unsullied. Cost 4 - STR 4 MIL
The NOBLE char you control cannot loose icons, have STR lowered or be knelt by card effects.

House Dayne Squire (Martell)
House Dayne. Ally. Cost 1 - STR 0 MIL
Any phase: Kneel House Dayne Squire to reduce the cost of the next House Dayne character you play this phase.

Builder of the Watch (Neutral)
Night's Watch, Cost 2 - STR 2 POW
No attachements
ANY PHASE: Builder of the Watch to put top 2 cards of your discard pile at the bottom of your deck. Then, your opponent may shuffle your deck.

*Orell the Eagle (Neutral) - 1x
Wildlings. Skinchanger. Cost 3 - STR 3 MIL POW
While Orell the Eagle is attacking, opponents must declar at least 2 defenders to defend.

Crow Killers (Neutral)
Wildlings – Army. Cost 2 - STR 3 MIL
If you win an unopposed challenge in which Crow Killers partecipated, discard it from play

Feigned Retreat (Event) - 1x
House Stark only.
Response: If an opponent would win a military challenge against you, kneel 2 influences to cancel the determination of winner. You win automatically.

Favors from on High (Event)
House Lannister only
Aby Phase: Discard X powers from your house card or another card you control to take X golds from treasury and add them to your reserve

The Hatchlings' Feast (Event) - 1x
House Targaryen only.
Any Phase. Kneel 3 influences to choose 3 chars without attachements. Untill the end of the phase, one of them have -1 STR, anotherone -2 STR and the last -3 STR.

Sword of Darkness (Event)
Response: After you win a MIL challenge in which at least 1 NW has partecipated, draw 2 cards.

From the Top (Event)
Response: After one Wildlings enters play under your control, choose and take control of a location of an opponent. At the end of the phase put that location in the hand of the owner if it is still in play.

*Iron Throne (Baratheon - Location) - 1x
King's Landing. Westeros. Cost 3
If you are the only player that controls the Iron Throne, you win automatically Dominance (cannot be cancelled).

Naval Escort (Greyjoy- Location)
Warship. Cost 1.
If you do not control at least one Greyjoy character discard Naval Escort from play.
Any Phase: Kneel X warship locations to choose X characters. Till the end of the phase those characters recieve +X STR.

*Margaery Tyrell (Baratheon) - 1x
Lady - House Tyrell. Cost 3 - STR 3 INT POW
Any Phase: Kneel Margaery Tyrell to choose an opponent. That opponent must choose and reveal another plot card (Limit 1 per round).

*Starfall (Martell - Location)
House Dayne characters gets +1 STR for each gold token on them.
Responce: After you win challenge in which a House Dayne character participated, place 1 gold token from the treasury on that character.

At the Wall (Plot) - 1x
4 – 2 – 1
It is considered that you use an additional The North Agenda.

EDIT: 29.3. Opraveny chybné a neúplné názvy karet ze Špaňalštiny. Opravena karta Naval Escort která říká "kneel X warship locations" a ne původně spoilované "kneel X locations" je tedy výrazně horší.