1. CP - Wolves of the North

F1-- Wolves of the North (character) x1
Stark, 6 Gold, 6 Str character, Mil, Creature, Direwolf
No Attachments. Deadly
Reduce the cost to play Wolves of the North by for each The North agenda you are running.

F2 -- Winter Cache (attachment) x3
Stark, 0 gold, Item
Attached Character gets +1 STR.
After attached character leaved play, you may attach Winter Cache to another character instead of placing it in your discard pile.

F3-- Janos Slynt (character), Unique x1
Lannister, 3 fold, 2 STR, Int, Night's Watch, Ally
Any Phase: Pay 1 gold to choose 1 Night's Watch character. Until the end of the phase, that character gains stealth.

F4 -- Pickpocket, attachment x3
Lanister, 0 gold, skill
Response: AFter you win an INT challenge in which attached character participated, you may choose to take 1 gold from the defending player or the treasury and add it to you gold pool

F5 -- Loyal Guard (character) x3
Baratheon, 2 gold, 1 STR, MIL, POW, Ally
House Baratheon Only
Loyal Guard can be played from your hand as a duplicate on a Noble character.

F6 -- Seat of Power (location) x3
Baratheon, 0 gold, Kings Landing, Westeros
MArshalling: Discard Seat of Power from play to reduce the cost of the next Bara card you play this phase by 3.

F7 -- Drowned Fanatic (character) x1
Greyjoy, 3 gold, 2 Str, Mil, Int, Ironborn, Holy
Response: After you win initiative, discard the top 2 cards of each opponent's deck.

F8 -- Ahead of the Tide (event) x3
House Greyjoy Only
Response: If an opponent would win initiative, cancel the initiative count. You win initiative instead.

F9 -- Khal Drogo (character), unique, x1
Targaryen, 4 Gold, 3 STR MIL, POW, Dothraki, Lord, Noble
Response: After you win a POW challenge in which Khal Drogo is participating, choose and kill 1 character with lower STR than Khal Drogo.

F10 -- The Dragon's Blood (Attachment) x3
Targaryen, 1 gold, Boon
Targ character only.
Attached character gains the Noble crest and a POW icon.

F11 -- Palace Spy (character) x3
Martell, 3 Gold, 2 STR, INT, Ally
Response: After you play Palace Spy from your hand, search your deck for 1 influence-providing location, reveal that card, and add it to your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

F12 -- A Gentle PRison (event) x1
House MArtell Only
Challenges: Kneel 2 influence to stand a participating character, and remove it from the challenge. That character cannot be killed this phase

F13 -- Rander of the Watch (character) x3
Neutral, 1 gold, 2 STR, NIght's Watch
No attachments except Weapon.
During MIL challenges, Ranger of the Watch gains stealth.

F14 -- Septon Cellador (character), unique, x1
Neutral, 2 gold, 2 STR Night's Watch, Septon, Holy
No Attachments
Any Phase: Kneel Septon Cellador to shuffle any player's deck.

F15 -- Castle Black (location) unique x1
Neutral 2 gold, The North
Response: After you play a NIght's Watch character from your hand, reduce the cost of the next Night's Watch character you play this phase by 1.

F16 -- Skinchanger (character) x3
Neutral, 3 gold, 3 str, Wildling
Challenges: Skinchanger gains an icon of your choice until the end of the phase (limit once per phase).

F17 -- Craster (character), unqiue, x1
neutral, 2 gold, 5 str, INT, Wildling, Ally
If you lose a challenge in which Craster participated, the winning opponent draws 2 cards.

F18 - WIldling Mead (Attachment) x3
neutral, 2 gold, Item
Wildling Character only
Any Phase: Kneel Wildling Mead to stand attached character.

F19 -- Winter Festival (plot) x1
4 gold, 5 Init, 1 Claim
When Revelaed, claim 1 power for your House (claim 2 power instead if it is Winter).

F20 -- The Rangers (agenda) Unique, x1
The North. You may run any number of The North agendas. You need 2 additional power to win the game.
Night's Watch characters you control gain a MIL icon.