LCG errata - FAQ 3.4

aktuální dle FAQ 3.4

Banned List
The following cards are banned from LCG tournament melee and joust play:
Jaqen H'ghar (ACoA F43)
Compelled by the Rock (ACoA F106)

Restricted List
Pro více informací ohledně omezených karet čtěte více v samostatném článku zde.

Core Set

Grand Maester Pycelle L45 (v2.4)
Grand Maester Pycelle cannot trigger his effect in response to the effect of another copy of Grand Maester Pycelle.

Lannisport Brothel L56 (v 1.0)
Lannisport Brothel should be unique.

Robert Baratheon B71 (v 1.0)
Robert Baratheon appears twice in the Core Set by design. The second copy of Robert Baratheon should be numbered "B90."

Dragonstone Port B91 (v2.0)
The Plot phase effect should read: "...Limit once per phase."

Magister Illyrio T152 (v 1.3)
Magister Illyrio's effect expires at the end of the phase.

Core Set Rulebook Page 19 (v2.0)
The second paragraph in the second column should read: "Duplicates have no text, titles, traits, or crests."

A Clash of Arms

Toll Gate F33 (v 1.1)
Should read: "Challenges: Kneel Toll Gate to choose a non-unique, participating character. Stand that character, and remove it from the challenge."

To Be a Stag F46 & To Be a Dragon F48 (v 1.3)
These cards cannot be played if there is no eligible character to return from the discard/dead pile.

Rhaegar Targaryen F82 (v 1.3)
When the round is brought to an end by Rhaegar's ability, the current phase and all phases remaining in the round are also considered to end. If the round ends during a challenge, that challenge ends without resolution.

The Gift F78 & The Land Beyond the Wall F79 & The Neck F80 (v 1.3)
A card of the specified type must first be played at a reduced cost for the "then" effect to to occur.

Fury of the Stag F27 (v 1.4)
Should read: "...Take control of that character until the end of the phase."

A Time of Ravens

Carrion Bird F16 & F35 (v2.4)
Should read: " card with the printed Raven trait from play..."

Lion's Gate F17 (v 1.3.1)
Should read: " discard 1 power from a non-House card in play..."

Maester Aemon F49 (v 1.3)
The "Any Phase" ability should read: "Response: If it is not..."

Kraznys Mo Naklos F65 (v1.5)
Should be: "Limit once per attachment per phase."

Alannys Greyjoy F89 (v1.4)
Should read: "...If that opponent does not kneel a character he or she controls with higher STR than..."

War of the Five Kings F99 (v2.0)
Should read: "...a single challenge of his or her choice..."

Retreat and Regroup F114 (v 1.3)
If this event's conditions are met, affected characters are returned to the player's hand at the end of the challenge phase.

King's Landing
Alchemist's Guild Hall F103 (v1.5)
Should read: "Limited Response: After a card comes out of Shadows, kneel Alchemist's Guild Hall to choose and kneel a character or location that does not have the Shadow crest. (Limit 1 limited response per round.)"

Robert Baratheon F46 (v3.2)
The Any Phase ability should have the text: “Limit 3 times per phase.”

Princes of the Sun

Doran Martell F3 (v1.4)
When an attacker is fulfilling the claim of a lost power challenge because of Doran Martell's effect, the attacker must move the power from his or her House card to the defending player's House card.

Defenders of the North

Ahead of the Tide F8 (v2.4)
Should read: " Response: If an opponent would win initiative, cancel the determination of initiative winner. You win initiative instead."

Compelled by the King F26 (v2.4)
Should read: " Response: If an opponent would win dominance, cancel the determination of dominance winner. You win dominance instead."

Fear of Winter F40 (v1.4)
Playing or putting a card into Shadows from your hand does count against the limitation set by Fear of Winter.
Bringing a card out of Shadows does not count against this card's limitation.

Tarle the Thrice Drowned F107 (v1.5)
Should read: "...3 or more power..."

The Rangers F19 (v2.0)
The Builders F59
The Stewards F99
Should read: "... You may run any number of The North agendas that have the words Night’s Watch in their text."

The Free Folk F39 (v2.0)
The Last Giants F79
Blood of the First Men F119
Should read: "... You may run any number of The North agendas that have the word Wildling in their text."

Blood of the First Men F119 (v3.1)
Should read: "Reduce the cost of the first unique Wildling character you play from your hand each round by 1."

Kings of the Storm
Narrow Escape F48 (v2.1)
Should read: "... that were killed or discarded from play this phase. (Limit one per phase.)"

Brotherhood without Banners

Blood Crazed Screamer F 53 (v2.1)
The Blood Crazed Screamer must be eligible to participate as an attacker to declare a second @ challenge using its card ability. Once this effect initiates when the Blood Crazed Screamer's controller wins his first @ challenge as an attacker, the "to a maximum of 2" card text applies to any additional @ challenge that player would initiate.

Knights of the Hollow Hill F 59 (v2.1)
The "Other cards you control do not provide a gold bonus" text does not apply to the +2 gold gained by your House card from this agenda.

Hollow Hill F 78 (v2.0)
The Any Phase effect should read: "Response:"

Queen of Dragons

Thundering Calvary F12 (v3.4)
Should be titled: “Thundering Cavalry"

Killer of the Wounded F16 (v3.3)
Should have the text: "(Limit 3 times a round.)

Khal Drogo's Tent F33 (v2.2)
Should be unique.

Heir to the Iron Throne F48 (v2.2)
Should be: "House Targaryen only."

Alliance F47 (v2.4)
Should read: "Ignore the out-of-House gold penalty to place or play cards from that House."

Threat from the East F55 (v3.3)
Should read: "When revealed, you choose one:
-Each player draws 3 cards. Each player that drew 3 cards discards 3 random cards from hand.
-Each player discards 3 random cards from hand. Each player that discarded 3 cards draws 3 cards."

Secrets of Oldtown

The Maester's Path F19 (v3.0)
Should read: "...attach 1 Chain from this card to a printed Maester character you control."

Support of Saltcliffe F8 (v2.2)
The response effect should be: "Limit 3 times per round."

At the Gates F20 (v2.4)
Should read: " your deck for a neutral or in-House Maester character of printed cost 3 or lower..."

The Prince's Plans F74 (v3.0)
Should have the keyword: "Deathbound."

Snakeskin Veil F54 (v3.3.1)
Should read: "Sand Snake character only."

Ghaston Grey F34 (v3.2)
Should read: “ choose an opponent’s character of equal or lower printed cost...”

House of Shadows F90 (v3.4)
Should have the trait: “The East."

Tale of Champions

Free Man F18 (v3.3)
Its traits should read: "Wildling. Refugee."

Myrcella Lannister F43 (v3.2)
The Any Phase ability should have the text:
"This effect cannot be triggered during a challenge."

Cotter Pyke F86 (v3.2)
His trait should read "Ironborn."

Sorrowful Man F110 (v3.3)
Should read: "...Then, that character's controller must either pay you 1 gold or kill that character."

Beyond the Narrow Sea

Castle Battlements F23 (v3.3)
Should read: "Attached location is immune to other non-plot card effects." (The attached location does not gain immunity to Castle Battlements.)

Before the Black Walls F40 (v3.3)
"When revealed, name a challenge type. In order to declare any characters to attack or defend during challenges of that type, a player must declare all of his or her eligible characters." is all considered part of the "When revealed" effect and is active while the plot is revealed or when the "When revealed" effect has been triggered by another River plot card..

Archmaester Marwyn F55 (v3.3)
Should read: "The opponent to your left…" instead of "Your opponent …"

Griff F57 (v3.3.1)
Should read: "House Targaryen only. If Griff would be killed, instead attach him to your House Card as your only agenda with the text: "If you control fewer attachments than each opponent, unattach Griff and return him to play.
Response: After a ~ attachment you control is discarded from play, kneel 1 influence to return it to your hand instead.""

Multiplayer Titles

Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
The redirect ability on Lord Commander of the Kingsguard occurs during step 2 (save/cancel) of the resolution of the Framework Action Window in which stealth targets are chosen and defenders are (not) declared. It cancels the initiation of this Window, and re-opens the Player Action Window between declaring attackers (now against the new target) and assigning stealth.

Edited by Rozy - 23.11.2012

v našich podmínkách je momentálně pro standard formát Pyromancer's Cache povolena, stejně jako Jaqen H'ghar, který ovšem platí s původním erratem: Should have the additional text: "At the end of any phase in which Jaqen H'ghar has one or more power on him, return him to his owner's hand."

V LCG jsou obě karty zabanovány napořád :) už i u nás

při současném "systému" bych byla s prohlášeními typu "napořád" opatrná ;-) nicméně výše píšu, že výjimka u nás platí pro "standard" - z toho snad logicky plyne... ;-) Ale ok, ať je to bez pochyb :-)

Jaqen je u nás zabanován po hlasování už i ve "Standard" formátu. Jediné, kde je legal ve své erratované podobě je highlander "Legacy".