Princes of the Sun

Dopis od Christiana T. Petersena (výkoný ředitel FFG) pro fanoušky AGoT, kteří si stěžovali odhledně rozšíření Kings of the Sea (Greyjoy) a nevědí co mají čekat ohledně nového rozšíření Princes of the Sun (Martell).

Dear All,

We have taken very seriously the feedback and issues voiced by the AGOT play-base regarding the content assortment of the "Kings of the Sea" expansion set for the AGOT LCG. Obviously, we were somewhat surprised, but certainly understand the valid points raised by many players. We therefore intend to ensure that future products such as "Princes of the Sun" (the premium expansion set that provides additional cards for House Martell) adds value to all aspects of the AGOT play community -- casual and competitive player alike.

FFG has been working on this issue in the past few days, and we'll be announcing a change in the "Princes of the Sun" contents sometime next week – so please stay tuned to the website. We're confident this change will address most of the player concerns voiced about "Kings of the Sun", as well provide FFG with the return needed to maintain a sustainable business.

Thanks for all of your comments on this issue, they're appreciated.

See you at GEN CON!

Christian T. Petersen
Fantasy Flight Games