errata CCG

Five Kings Edition

Tarth R70
The duration of the effect should be: "until the end of the phase."

Viserion R114
Viserion's triggered ability should be a: "Response:" effect.

Nightfire Convert U66
Should read: "After you play Nightfire Convert from your hand, choose a baratheon character and a player who does not control that character. That player may take control of that character."

A House of Talons

Daario Naharis R43
You can use Daario's ability any time you could take a player action in the challenges phase.

Littlefinger R83
Playing a card "as if you are playing it from your own hand" does grant you control of that card when it enters play.

Mountain Mule C80
Kneeling a character to pay a cost does not initiate the Mountain Mule's passive effect.

Timett Son of Timett R16
Should read: "...after the first challenge resolves each phase."

Iron Throne Legacy Pack

Chamber of the Painted Table F16
Should be a "Marshalling:" phase ability.

Arbiter of the Contest F31
To trigger a "lose by 4" effect, you must still count at least 4 less STR than your opponent did in the challenge.

A House of Thorns

Rose Garden C89
If the cost of a non-character card is reduced using Rose Garden, that card comes into play standing and there is no option to discard Rose Garden from play.

Holding Tactics R119
The point of reference for the word “next” is the card (Holding Tactics) that was just placed in your discard pile.

Ser Garlan Tyrell U67
Should read: " choose and stand a character with the printed House Tyrell trait."

Final Sacrifice R140
The effect of Final Sacrifice should have the restriction: "cannot be saved."

Iron Throne Edition

Champion Pit Fighter R97
Should read: "Challenges: Trigger only after a character is killed this phase. Kneel 1 influence to..."

The Good God's Own Kiss U232
Should read: "You may play baratheon characters..."

Watching the Heavens C127
Should read: "Any Phase: Kneel 3 influence or kneel a learned character to reveal the top 3 cards of your deck. Then, draw those cards."